Skincare: Dos and Don’ts

Skincare dos and don'ts

It’s sometimes easy to forget that your skin is an organ. In fact, it’s the largest organ, and just like your heart or your lungs, you need to take care of it. We here at Cornerstone have compiled a few of our favourite hints to keep your skin in pristine condition.

Wash It Off

First off, there are some simple general tips. Actually wash your face.  Getting rid of the dead skin cells and dirt that could possibly clog your pores is vital before you do anything else like moisturise. Don’t overdo it though, especially if you’re using a soap of some kind. These products can strip back layers of the skin leaving it raw and irritated. Twice a day with a cotton cloth and water and a couple of times a week with a good quality face scrub can be enough to clear out those impurities.

Eat Better, Feel Better, Look Better

Your diet is key. Feel good you’ll look good too. Do keep a balanced diet that will keep your skin looking vibrant and fresh. Too much or too little of certain foods can cause all sorts of problems for your body, and your skin is no different. The same goes for drinking water. If you’re dehydrated, chances are your skin will be too, so drink up. You should be aiming for 2-3 litres of water per day.

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Doing More Harm Than Good

It can be tempting, if you do happen to break out, to attack the skin with all sorts of chemicals and products to help get your skin back to normal. This isn’t a good idea! Your skin is delicately balanced and alive with activity. By applying too many products to get rid of that one pesky pimple, you can upset the balance, leaving you to irritate the skin and possibly making things worse. And whatever you do, do not pick or squeeze your pimples, you’ll make it look really red and angry and even worse, you’ll end up with scarring.

Summer Sun

It’s coming up to summer holiday season (despite what the current weather might suggest). Wherever you’re going, the sun will hopefully be shining brightly for you. This poses a problem for our skin though, and us men are guilty of this more than anyone. Strolling out into the mid-day sun with zero protection. The majority of skin damage you get when you’re older was exacerbated by those days in your 20s when you spent too much time in the sun and ended up bright pink. SPF 30 is a good number if you’re planning on spending the day outside. And despite what you may think, you can get tanned even when wearing SPF, so if you’re worried that you’ll still look pasty at the end of your holiday, don’t.

These dos and donts aren’t hacks, mostly just good common sense. But they will help your skin look its best and stay that way, which is what we all want. Got any tips we’ve missed?

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