#WednesdayWoes: Blade Longevity


We all know that investing in a good quality razor is key. You would be excused for thinking that a cheaper alternative would be saving you money, but actually cheap blades tend to need replacing more often- quickly becoming a very expensive habit to keep up.

We’re not saying you need a super expensive razor either though: something good quality with no funny gimmicks should do the trick. Once you have that, that’s when you need to start using tricks of the trade to make the blades last longer. Keeping your blades as sharp as possible will always give you a better shave with fewer cuts┬ábut we’ve covered how to do that, so what else? :

1. Pre-shave

Always aim to shower before shaving, or at the very least start off by using a warm flannel and placing it over your face. Both methods will soften the hair which is really important as it weakens the resistance of the facial hair against the blades, meaning your blades won’t need to work overtime to cut through your stubble.

2. Shave

Moving onto the shave. It might be a good idea at the time to pinch a few pennies and opt for a cheap shave gel, but your face and razor won’t thank you for it. Invest in a good quality shave gel and apply in circular motion after you’ve softened your facial hair with warm water. Follow these steps and you’ll notice you won’t need as much shave gel, but your razor will be able to cut through the stubble much easier with less resistance and fewer passes.

Now onto one of the most important tips: rinsing. Yes, make sure you rinse your razor and blades as you shave. This is nothing new but the rule of thumb is to rinse the razor and blades more than you think you need to. This is crucial for two reasons. First, it cleans the razor (make sure the cartridge is rinsed front and back to fully de-clog it) and secondly, as you rinse it under warm water the blades will reheat and make shaving through the stubble easier, quicker and with no pulling and tugging.

3. Post Shave

Once you’ve rinsed the razor and blades well and they’re squeaky clean, leave your razor standing upright so it can dry – helping to avoid any blade-blunting oxidisation.

There you have it chaps, three easy steps to make your blades last longer and save you a few pennies.


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