A Beginners Guide To The Six Nations

Have you ever been sat in a pub with a couple of mates and you don’t understand what they mean when discussing the scrum to the line out? Or have you secretly wondered what the difference is between a touchdown and a try? Fortunately, some of us in the Cornerstone office had to have a little read on the rules of rugby union and jog our memories, so just as England kicked off their Six Nations defence last week, here we go with the beginner’s basics to the Six Nations 2018.

Rugby and Football are chalk and cheese

For the traditional Brit, we can get into any sport that we seem to be not bad at and Rugby is one of them. We’ve actually won the Six Nations more times than any other participating country. However, for the football fans out there, it’s a very different game! First off, the referees are in total control of the game. It’s a tough game to officiate and they are bound to miss certain plays or decisions – This is where the video assistants come into play. A decision is a decision in rugby, there aren’t mass huddles around the ref like in football. Basically, the ref is in charge and if you disrespect there ref, expect to be sin-binned (sent off for 10mins).

It’s a game played by Gentlemen

It really is a game played by gentlemen. The game has been indoctrined with politeness, there are no screaming matches with the referee or swearing on the field of play. This again is because of the ramifications a player can receive. It’s a game whereby you’re accountable for your actions and every decision made is ultimately down to you or the team manager. You aren’t going to fool anybody!

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Rugby is quite a simple sport really 

Many rugby fans and players will tell you, “if you spend a little bit of time learning the game, it’s really not as complicated as it can be made out”. Simple rules are that you pass the ball back and the player with the ball moves forward to advance their team. It’s like football in that respect (just with more going on), that it is simply a competition for the ball.

The Scrum is a little difficult, though.

People can claim to understand what is actually going on in the scrum, but various people state that it can be a bit of a mess. No-one knows what’s going on in the front row, and there are various little ways to cheat and gain an advantage over the opponent. If you put two scrums against each other, they are usually similar so you’re going to go nowhere, however, if you steal a march and put two men on one, push early and at a higher or lower angle, you may just end up winning the scrum.

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