Perfect Your Online Dating Profile

Step aside fate, it’s time to let science have a go. Take a scientific approach to your dating life and you could increase your chances of finding someone you’ll have real chemistry with. When it comes to finding a long-lasting relationship, you don’t have to wait for fate to work its magic. It might not sound especially romantic, but taking a scientific approach to your dating life can significantly increase your chances. We asked the experts at eharmony to share some of the dating secrets they’ve discovered through 35 years of research and for a limited time you can sign up for free – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Perfect Your Profile

Your online dating profile is your opportunity to sell yourself and you shouldn’t be afraid to make the most of it. Statistically speaking, the optimum profile length is between 200-250 words. eharmony profiles of this length receive 50% more messages than others. Include your interests too – the more specific, the better. Singles who write about their love of music also see an uplift in communication, while men who mention that they read books by Virgin mogul Richard Branson receive 74% more messages!

Be Photo Ready

Looks certainly aren’t everything but eharmony research shows that, when it comes to profile photos, more is more. Every additional photo you upload to your dating profile increases the number of messages you’ll receive by 10%! Include photos that show what you really look like as well as some of the activities that you enjoy, and avoid extreme close-ups, photos with your ex-cut out, and ones where you’re wearing sunglasses (these receive 20% less communication!)

Smart Messaging

When it comes to messaging matches, it’s not just what you say, but when you say it. You might be surprised to learn that messages sent at 2pm on a Tuesday see the best response rate. Be creative with your opening message too. Don’t just say ‘Hi!’. One or two-word openers receive 35% fewer replies than longer messages; 10-17 words typically see the best results. Try and say something original and don’t be afraid to tackle a meaty topic; thought-provoking questions tend to particularly intrigue.

Ditch the Wishlist

While having a few dating deal-breakers can help your search for love, compiling an extensive wish list of traits that you’re looking for in a partner can reduce your chances of finding anyone. And you could well be hung up on traits that won’t make a difference long-term. eharmony research has shown that shared values and compatibility are far more important than shared interests. So, instead of trying to find someone who loves Thai food and weekends away, look for people who have a similar communication style or approach to affection as you.

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