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If you’re looking for a good read that will leave you nose-in-book, look no further. Whilst the list could be virtually endless, the team here at Cornerstone HQ has put their heads together to bring you a selection of some classic, must-read books that are definitely worthy of adding to your reading list.

1. THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK // Timothy Ferriss

This is a must-read for any entrepreneurial man seeking to change their 9-5 job for something they are truly passionate about. The book is all about hacking work and increasing productivity so you can do a full day’s work in only a couple of hours. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Do take it with a pinch of salt though – you’re not going to drastically change every aspect of your life just by reading the book, but it can motivate you to make positive changes that will get you there.

2. THE SELLOUT // Paul Beatty

Winner of 2016’s Man Booker prize, The Sellout offers everything from satire, geniusness, and dark humour when after a traumatic experience, its main character decides to reinstate slavery and segregation in the US, taking him to the Supreme Court. Challenging social taboos and political correctness, it will make you laugh while you question everything you know about modern racial discrimination.

3. ON THE ROAD // Jack Kerouac

On The Road is a modern guide to self-exploration. It showcases a group of young men hungry to scrutinize what the world has to offer and experience the passion, hedonism, and adventure that oppose the banalities of the present moment. You will whip through it, and it will vibrate around your head for months.

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4. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT // Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Crime and Punishment is a psychological thriller that brilliantly draws you into the mind of a socially stilted young student in St Petersburg who decides to challenge his own morality by murdering an old woman and having to deal with the consequences. It immediately sucks you in and spits you out whilst making you doubt your own notions of right and wrong.


Written in 1969, incredibly talented Angelou uses her autobiography to touch upon racism, personal trauma, and literature whilst describing her upbringing, and how these have shaped her identity. Depicting her story from the age of three until she becomes a mother at 16, Caged Bird is a call for independence, personal development and ultimately, a search for happiness. An office favourite, this one is a must-read.

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