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The temperatures have been low for a while and we’re in the thick of winter. However, many people suffer from sweating and don’t know how to control it. It can make you self-conscious and even stop you from certain activities! The process of sweating is to help keep the body cool when the perspiration evaporates from the skin. It is a bigger problem for men as we have slightly fewer sweat glands than women (around 2.5 million) each producing more fluid. While working out, for example, a man can sweat on average up to two pints an hour. Excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis. Here are Cornerstone’s tricks for getting perspiration under control.

Avoid Spicy Food and Caffeine

A strong coffee, a large lunch or a burrito layered in hot sauce might stimulate your taste buds and leave you happy and full – but they can also trigger your sweat glands in a not-so-comfortable way. If you’re prone to sweating, maybe hold back on these potential risk factors and enjoy a sweat-free day.

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Use a Good Quality Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Anti-perspirants actually prevent you sweating by utilising aluminium salts to block the sweat glands whilst deodorants simply mask the smell. If you are applying anti-perspirant rather than simply deodorant it might be more effective to apply at night as sweat production is at its lowest at night, giving the active ingredients in anti-perspirants a better chance to get into your pores and block perspiration in the morning without the worry of it being washed away. What’s more, you can now try Cornerstone’s very own 48-hour Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and prevent your body from sweating on those all important occasions.

Rest, Relax & Control Your Emotions

Besides the hot temperatures on your daily commute, in your office or during a hard workout, emotions (such as feeling stressed during a job interview) can also make you sweat. Anything you can do to reduce your anxiety, such as deep breathing, meditation or other relaxation techniques, will decrease the potential stimulation of neurotransmitters that can then stimulate your sweat glands.

If All Else Fails…

One effective (however, dramatic) solution to excessive sweating, whether through temperature or tension, is Botox, which blocks the signals that the brain sends to the sweat glands. The sessions take around 15-30 minutes with minimal discomfort, though you may experience minor bruising. You should notice an improvement within two to three weeks and the effects can last up to eight months. Some men have the procedure as a one-off for big days such as weddings.

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