The Science Behind Compressed Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Over the course of 2017, we worked with hundreds of Cornerstone members and expert British chemists and dermatologists to develop our own anti-perspirant deodorant – getting their input on how long it should last, what it should smell like, what features it should offer and how we should package it.

Thanks to all the feedback from our members on our product prototypes, we decided upon a 48-hour anti-perspirant product (to help prevent sweat) with a super fresh fragrance to keep you smelling great all day. Importantly though, we also decided that our anti-perspirant deodorant should be compressed so that we could package it in a smaller can – not only would this make it easier to fit through letterboxes (crucial for a postal subscription service like Cornerstone!) but also it would mean less packaging waste – as the can would require significantly less aluminium in the manufacturing stage.

So how does the compression work?

In simple terms, an anti-perspirant deodorant contains three components – the active anti-perspirant ingredients that stop you from sweating, the fragrance ingredients that provide the fresh smell, and a pressurised (harmless) gas mixture called a ‘propellant’ which is what pushes the spray out of the can at high pressure.

If you compare the amount of anti-perspirant and fragrance ingredients in a normal 250ml can to a compressed 125ml can, you’ll find they both contain the same quantity – but in a compressed 125ml can, the ‘active’ and ‘fragrance’ ingredients are just packed into a smaller space, making it twice as concentrated per ml!

To make sure that your 125ml compressed can lasts the same amount of time as a 250ml can and gives you the same value for money, the speed and intensity at which the spray comes out is simply halved by adjusting a valve in the can’s cap – that’s why it may not feel as fast or as high pressure on your skin.

This means a 125ml compressed can have twice the concentration of sweat-stopping and fragrance ingredients, but just sprayed at half the rate – this way, each second that you hold down your finger on the button to spray, the same quantity of anti-perspirant and fragrance ingredients are applied to your underarm whether you use a 125ml compressed or 250ml can.

Put simply, all you need to remember is use our 125ml compressed can in exactly the same way as you’d use a normal 250ml can! You get the same level of sweat protection and fresh fragrance but with significantly less packaging waste which is a huge plus for the environment!

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Top Tip – Avoid White Marks

To avoid those dreaded white marks on your body, make sure to shake the can well to make sure that the active, fragrance and gas ingredients mix well and hold around a palm’s length away from your underarm. This will give you enough sweat protection and leave you feeling fresh throughout the entire day.

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