How to Conquer Dry January!

The crazy festive period is over and many of us are already wondering if January is over yet! During December, the intake of food and drink usually increases tenfold, it’s Christmas after all! We promise to redeem ourselves in the new year so everything is okay, but the time has now come, the turkey and alcohol comas have ended and it’s time to eat clean, join the gym and go tee-total for the first month of the year (or so they say). Giving up drink for the first month of the year can really make it feel even slower, the days are short and cold which makes it even harder to stay on track! Let’s talk about how you can conquer dry January!

Exercise it out

If you’re going to partake in a booze-less month then you might as well take your mind off it and burn some tension. Exercising is a great way to take your mind of that drop of beer or subtle nightcap! It could be as simple as going for a jog around the block or getting a solid 45minute workout in at the gym. Remember to drink plenty of water and eat well during this time, you might even surprise yourself and carry it on into the first half of 2018.

Do it for a good cause

If you are to put yourself through a long, cold month of boring evenings without alcohol, why not do it for a purpose? There are numerous charities out there who raise money for the effects of alcohol consumption, Alcohol Concern and The British Liver Trust to mention a couple. This month could be a great way to kick off the year and help your own karma, saving the money you could have spent on alcohol every week and donating to a charity? What a super way to start 2018!

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Have a good network of friends around

If your friends are all on board with your idea of going sober for January then great! However, we all have those friends who carry on like nothing has changed, they offer you a pint at lunch and test your resolve. This is where you need good support and friends around you who are either going to take the plunge with your or take your choice seriously.

Avoid the Pub

If someone was trying to lose weight would you take them to a fast food chain? Probably not! So don’t treat giving up alcohol in January any different. This is where your network of friends come into it! Hopefully, they take you seriously and help you through the month, no mention of the pub, maybe you could all head to a coffee shop or do something different? A football match together, 5-a-side or a sauna/ steam room day.

Look after yourself

If all else fails, why not just look after you? Make sure you’re on top of your grooming routine and taking care of your skin! Have a beard? Why not start the year with a new look you and shave it off! Don’t forget the Post-Shave Balm, though! Maybe you could kick-off the year by booking a fancy spa weekend away or take yourself out of town. Or, you could simply follow the age-old premise ‘New Year, New Me’ and instead of the boring dry January promise, you could indulge yourself with a fancy gift, after all… You’ve earned it!

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