Your Underarms’ New Best Friend

We all know that shopping the deodorant section isn’t exactly the easy and straightforward process we’d all like it to be! There are numerous products to choose from, but which is the right one for you when there are anti-perspirants, deodorants, roll-ons and aerosols on offer? Cornerstone is here to offer up some advice for your underarm perspiration and how you can simply have it delivered to your door.

Deodorant vs Anti-Perspirant

An anti-perspirant acts to stop you from sweating, thus by reducing the amount you sweat they also help to reduce body odour. Our soon-to-be-released Anti-Perspirant is designed to give you 48-hour protection whilst being gentle on your skin with zero parabens and alcohol. Deodorants, on the other hand, work to mask the smell of sweat, so if you’re looking for something that helps you stop sweating then you are better off using an anti-perspirant. Our 48-hour protection Anti-Perspirant will not only help you to stop sweating but it will also help to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. As a Cornerstone member, you will soon be able to add this to your subscription box and have it easily delivered straight to your door, hassle free!

Compressed vs Normal

Our new 48-hour protection Anti-Perspirant is compressed, which means it lasts just as long as a normal can without all the extra packaging. It gives the same level of sweat protection and is more environmentally friendly. This is as opposed to a normal can which has more packaging and more space inside the can (unsurprisingly with the same amount of product in them).

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Keep your sweat under control

Many people suffer from sweating and don’t know how to control it. It can make you self-conscious and even stop you from certain activities! The process of sweating is to help keep the body cool when the perspiration evaporates from the skin. It is a bigger problem for men as we have slightly fewer sweat glands than women (around 2.5 million) each producing more fluid. While working out, for example, a man can sweat on average up to two pints an hour.

Managing it is easy and simple, using an anti-perspirant is a must as they prevent you sweating by utilising aluminium salts to block the sweat glands. Apply your anti-perspirant at night as this is when sweat production is at its lowest, giving the active ingredients in anti-perspirants a better chance to get into your pores and block perspiration in the morning without the worry of it being washed away.

Helpful tips for your body odour

When readying yourself for the day ahead, consider what you’re wearing if you sweat more than others. In hot or humid climates, you want to make sure to have loose clothing around the armpits and avoid man-made fibres such as lycra and nylon; instead sticking to natural fibres like cotton and linen. Other useful hints and tips are to avoid spicy food and caffeine as these ingredients are known to trigger your sweat glands.

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