Daily Hacks For a Healthy Mind & Body

Health and wellbeing are a very wide-ranging subject and one that if you have the right mindset coinciding with the correct actions, can dramatically improve your quality of life. Many men can suffer from a number of different health issues, be it physical or mental. We take health and wellbeing very seriously here at Cornerstone, so we thought we’d share some of our own tips and daily hacks.

Drink, But In Moderation

This may sound simple and we’re not going to lie, it can be a struggle for us too, but moderating your alcohol intake to no more than two units a day for men may shield you from cardiovascular disease, according to research. Just be sure not to overdo it, and if you don’t have risk factors or a family history, don’t use it as an excuse to start.

Take a Stress-Free Break

There’s something incredibly healing Body and relaxing about going back to nature and spending time in a rural setting. Science, in fact, backs this up as time spent outdoors shifts our brains from the usual state of alertness and linear thinking into the more light, meditative brain space. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a weekend break to the country, a gentle walk through the local park taking in the ambience is just as useful and you’ll soon notice a drop in your heart rate and

Take Greater Care In Your Relationship

Studies suggest that gentlemen with strong bonding relationships are less likely to suffer from a stroke or heart disease. Having a strong network of friends and family around you, along with a tight bond with your partner can really improve your chances of a better and healthier life.

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Talk Or Ask For Help!

For generations, men asking for any form of help has been seen as weak or emasculating. Society and general life have demanded that a man be some form of superhero, yet taking on a crisis in your life alone without help can cause a high degree of stress. The highly publicised fact that the biggest killer in men under 45 is suicide comes as no surprise, yet, for men, just being heard is a great way to alleviate the stress and worries of life. Talk to your close friends or family, someone you trust. Don’t just blurt out your issues to Dave in the pub.

Consider a Daily Multivitamin

A multivitamin is one of the best supplements anyone can take on a regular basis. These products contain all the essential vitamins plus important minerals to maintain good health. A good Multi-Vitamin can really make the world of difference and fortunately for you, Cornerstone is soon to be releasing our very own Daily Energy Boosting Multi-Vitamins. They are an expertly blended combination of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients including Vitamins C, D3 and B12, Magnesium, Iron and Riboflavin to support your immune system, metabolism and energy levels

Sleep More?

You might be wondering why we haven’t included more sleep, well studies show that if you get too little or too much sleep may increase the risk of your health. Sleep is at least an indicator of overall health. Changes in your sleep patterns, including unexplained short or long sleep duration should be taken seriously.

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