Dressing Well For The Season

Summer is in full swing and the weather has been glorious so far (or terrible, depending on when you’re reading this). The difficulty generally with this season is deciding what to wear in the morning, as style and heat do not usually go hand in hand very well. Unless you live in shorts and a T-shirt all day long, that fresh, energetic start to your day could quickly be ruined by sweat and heat rashes. But worry not, here’s our guide to staying cool this summer!


This may seem a little obvious, however, choosing the right fabrics for the hot weather is essential! A good summer fabric has many elements, from fibre, to weight and weave, to the composition. Seersucker is brilliant as it’s usually a cotton fabric woven in alternating stripes, making it sit differently on the skin, allowing greater air circulation and coolness. Hopsack trousers are great for holidays as its coarse texture is similar to linen, yet more wrinkle resistant, giving a cool and breathable feel.

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If you enjoy layering up and continue to do so throughout the summer, then we’d suggest investing in a decent bag! Carrying your worldly possessions in your pockets throughout the summer can be avoided. An option could be a tote bag, being an easy place to start. Not a tote guy? Backpacks are great for shorter commutes, however, if you’re wearing one for a long time, you can increase the chance of your back sweating. If you’re not wearing a backpack for a long time, then why not get a holdall? Great for packing any office essentials you need and you can also fit your gym gear in there too!


During the summer months, you’d be best served to store the leather boots or non-breathable shoes away until the weather turns cold again. We’d recommend switching out any shoes that have a rubber sole with a natural-fibre sole due to the breathability aspect. If you enjoy sticking to a smarter shoe with your outfit, you wouldn’t go far wrong investing in a pair of loafers that are super kind on hot feet. Finally, for extra ventilation, we’d suggest you look into buying yourself a pair of comfortable, high-tech knit trainers. Nike and Adidas would be the ideal place to look, and don’t forget to get some quality invisible socks!


During the summer, whilst it may be the season to experiment with more adventurous colours, beware that any light colours, pastels or greys will show up your sweat more visibly, so maybe avoid them as shirt colours. Bring these in on your lower half (or socks) if you want to add to your clothing colour palette. Of course, white is excellent at concealing any unavoidable perspiration and reflects heat effectively, so a great choice for your upper half. Avoid black at all costs during the summer – its heat-absorbing properties will leave you hot and bothered in no time at all…

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