Easy and Simple ways to avoid body odour

It can be strong, sometimes it offends people, however, body odour is a sensitive issue that many products like to mask without a care for how it will actually feel on your skin. Luckily, there are fresh and clean alternatives to tackling that undesirable body odour. We are here to show you some home methods and alleviate the embarrassing problem.

Wash Morning & Night

Bathing at least once a day can help limit the bacteria population on your skin, which is the source of most body odours. When washing, focus on traditionally troublesome areas like your feet and armpits. Dry your body well after washing since bacteria grow best on damp skin and use a good quality body wash like Cornerstone’s soon-to-be-released Body Wash which gives an energising and invigorating clean and that leaves your skin alive and fresh for the entire day. Make sure to sign up for our Newsletter so you’re the first to know when this is released, we cannot wait for you to try it!

Use a Good Quality Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

It’s okay to take care of your body odour and scent with a good quality Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. No one wants to be chatting with a funky smelling colleague, family member or friend. After a shower, prepare your body with an Anti-Perspirant, holding the can around a palm’s length away from your underarm. Cornerstone’s new 48-hour Anti-Perspirant Deodorant protects your underarms from unwanted smells and sweat and contains 0% alcohol and 0% parabens. This product is compressed to make it last as long as a bigger can – simply use like normal.

Keep your underarms fresh and tidy

A lot of hair under your arms can create a swampy environment for bacteria. Hair is porous, meaning it easily absorbs odours and can even slow the evaporation of sweat. Hair traps odorants, especially when it’s located in your armpits. Burns recommends shaving your underarms to stop body odour so the “bacteria doesn’t get trapped in the hair thus decreasing odour.

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Keep your shoes fresh and change them regularly

A common misconception is body odour comes from the armpits, but one of the worst odours can actually come from your feet. Changing your shoes will allow them to air and prevent the odours from staying concentrated in one area. This cuts down the bacteria that is in the shoe. Burns’ rule of thumb: “Everyone should be switching up their shoes every 500 miles anyway.”

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