How to Hide a Hangover this Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us, many people will be gearing up for their works Christmas-do, others will be partying more than they’re used too. But the dreaded hangover is something you need to be able to cope with, you may be coming into work, seeing family members or catching up with old friends. Let’s not make a bad impression and help cover yourself with these hangover tips for Christmas.

Avoid That Dry Skin

Dry skin can be an absolute pain and if not dealt with properly can turn into more pressing issues like acne or scarring. Moisturising daily is an absolute must if you suffer from dry skin, hydrating the skin will alleviate many issues. The Cornerstone Oil-Free Sensitive Daily Moisturiser really sets your skin up for the day ahead. It is a lightweight and non-greasy formula blended with mint and aloe vera to refresh and hydrate your skin, perfect for those dry areas of your face and to be used just after shaving to condition and restore your skin’s natural moisture balance. If you wake up with a hangover, prepare your face for the day ahead and keep it moist, otherwise, your peers may be able to tell that you’re a little worse for wear.

Deal with Those Painful Mouth Sores

After a heavy night of drinking, you may find yourself with mouth sores that can be rather painful. Luckily, there are plenty of remedies out there to suppress this issues and go on with your usual day. A good quality, fresh mouthwash can provide a deep clean to give your mouth a rinse of any bacteria that may be lurking. It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled as Cornerstone will be releasing it’s very own Daily Mouthwash in the new year.

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Alleviate that Dry Throat

One of the banes of the morning after the night before. Many people attend their Christmas party and forget to stay hydrated with water and tend to sleep on a body filled with alcohol. Luckily for you, we have plenty of suggestions to help you avoid such a case. You can drink a warm cup of tea straight away in the morning as the heat opens up your throat and lubricates the insides. Don’t fancy tea? Then Manuka Honey could be your best bet, honey tends to soothe your throat as it’s thick texture coats the throat and relieves you of any irritation. In a rush? Just grab yourself some Sugar-Free gum and chew it on the way to work!

Be Aware of Bad Breath

We’ve all been there, we are either self-conscious and wonder if we have bad breath or somebody close to us has a touch of death breath. The way to alleviate this couldn’t be easier, you should always keep in stock some fresh and minty toothpaste. It’s worth mentioning that your toothbrush is also very important! Have an electric? Why not keep an eye out for our newly announced Toothbrush heads that are designed to gently scrub your teeth, leaving them fresh and ready for the day.

Prepare for the day ahead

You’ve woken up, you feel slightly groggy but if you make your way to the bathroom and wake yourself up with a cold water flannel all over your face, you’ll feel great! Gently waking up your eyes this way and washing away the debris built up on your face overnight is a really healthy was to approach a hangover. If you have the chance, head to the gym and do some light exercise and then hit the steam room to sweat out all of that alcohol content in your body. Now you should be prepared for whatever the day has to offer and look as fresh and ready as always!

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