How Taking Care of Yourself Externally can benefit you Internally

It’s human instinct to feel down and out on occasion; various people criticize themselves and wonder why nothing changes. Many people don’t recognise their own external positives and how they can affect themselves internally. Often you hear people mention the phrase “If you look good, you feel good”, this lead us to ask a group of men ‘What do you see when you look in the mirror?’. Let’s discuss what you can do to help take care of the external you, to benefit the internal you.

1 – Keep yourself in a presentable manner

You have the competence, you are a skilled individual, knowledgeable in your field that enables you to do your job well. Yet, it’s helpful to get yourself into habits so that you stay in a presentable manner. A clean shave, a fresh haircut or maybe a wardrobe freshen up can do the trick. Just imagine when somebody in the office compliments you on your appearance, not only will this help your mind tenfold but also encourage you to continue trying.

2 – Working out

We either love or hate exercise, there is no in-between. However, we should still do it. If sport isn’t your thing, using a gym which has a spa and steam room may get you there. It can help to not only clear your mind but also rid your skin of impurities. Depending on the atmosphere you place yourself in, it can also get you in touch with the outdoors, a perfectly peaceful and relaxing way to start the day. If you dislike exercise, you should try to keep a healthy sex life with your partner. According to a study by Royal Edinburgh Hospital, having a healthy sex life (two to three times per week) helps to make you look up to seven years younger. This is possible because sex is known to reduce stress and lead to a better night’s sleep.

3 – Discussing issues with others

Studies show that keeping your friends close helps to provide emotional support, helping you to deal with stress and boosting the body’s production of feel-good chemicals dopamine and oxytocin, which in turn has been found to promote brain growth and combat ageing. Your friends and family are your biggest supporters. Picking up the phone for a few minutes just to say hi to the mother or your best friend, and just talk about the good things that are happening in their lives helps to keep you grounded.

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4 – Looking after your body

What you put into your body can really help with your appearance and in turn, help with your mental state. It’s been found by the University of St Andrews that the brighter and more varied the colours of fruit and veg – yellows, greens, purples and reds – the more loaded they are with wrinkle-busting antioxidants and that when eaten, give a healthier look to your skin. What’s more, having a solid oral routine can have superb results on your internal state. Flossing every day is one, this will reduce your risk of gum disease and it’s not just your teeth that’ll thank you. In the last 10 years, studies have linked poor gums to an increased risk of other health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and cancers.

5 – Maintain a sense of humour

It’s often forgotten how humour can take the lead role as a stress-buster. Being able to laugh even at your own situation, can help you to put many of life’s pressures into perspective. You don’t just have to laugh at yourself. Watch a funny TV show or comedian, reminisce about some family laughs that you’ve had in the past. This will help not only your mood but potentially some of those stress hormones that have been building up.

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