How to Shave So That Your Face Behaves

For most of us, we learnt how to shave during our formative years, starting off with a gentle guide from our fathers. You would lather your face with a foam or gel from the toiletry aisle, leave yourself with nicks and cuts and walk out the bathroom with a somewhat sensitive and red face. Maybe this is why the beard came back with such a strong resurgence?

However, times have changed and your shave could be so much more! You don’t have to rely on a select number of products in your local shop and you can now decide which high-quality products you would like delivered straight through your letterbox.

Shaving can be a daily ritual, one which sets you up, fresh and ready to conquer the day ahead. With the correct shaving plan and knowledge of how to properly groom yourself, your facial state could increase tenfold.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Preparing your skin properly for the shave ahead will really go a long way in keeping the longevity of your skin and making it nice and healthy. To begin, we’d recommend removing the daily wear and tear by dozing a flannel in lukewarm water and gently applying to your face.

Follow this up with a quality preparatory shave cleanser such as the Cornerstone Pre-shave Facial Scrub. Take a penny-sized portion in the palm of your hand and gently massage into your pores, this helps to release ingrown hairs, unblock pores and lift away dead skin cells ready for your razor. Be sure to rinse away afterwards.

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The Tools You Choose are Everything

Next up, choosing a quality razor with a nice feel and a good weight is a vital step. It must be comfortable on your skin and feel substantial in your hand, otherwise, you can be prone to applying too much pressure to your face, ultimately damaging your skin.

The Cornerstone razor has five super sharp, fine blades, optimally spaced to increase shave performance and reduce clogging, an Aloe Vera strip to help the blades glide smoothly, as well as a new precision trimmer blade for those hard to reach areas. So there’s no reason you cannot achieve a great shave with these tools!

The Shave is a Work of Art

Once you have your products and have finished your pre-scrub, dab lukewarm water onto the areas you are shaving and lather up with a penny-sized portion of Shave Cream. Our foaming sensitive shave cream combines a blend of willow bark and bamboo to provide a rich foaming lather to condition and protect your skin whilst you shave. The natural willow bark extract, known for its anti-inflammatory property, helps to reduce shaving irritation.

Follow this by running the blade of your razor under the warm water and start at the sideburns. Use your free hand to firmly pull the skin and slide your razor gently down your cheek, making sure to rinse the blade after each pass. Remember to continue in a fashion around the entire face and do not attempt to criss-cross or randomise your stroke as this can irritation.

Problematic areas such as your upper lip and chin need to be gently stretched out so that your blade can reach the skin and hair in these tight areas. Follow this up by rinsing your face with colder water to close up the pores and apply a Daily Moisturiser to keep your face hydrated and set for your day.

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