Grooming Hacks for the Modern Gentlemen

Grooming hacks at the barbershop

Mornings can be chaotic. You wake up, jump in the shower and you leave the house in a rush. There are a few small things that you can do to ensure your mornings run as smoothly as your Cornerstone razor. With the modern, busy gent in mind, here are four quick grooming hacks that will ensure you start your day right and look on point.

Pick a haircut that suits your face

The shape of your face matters a lot when it comes to cutting and styling your hair. Your barber should be able to give you some tips but here’s a little guide. If you have a rounder face, cut your hair short on the sides and keep it longer on top to make your face appear longer.  A good haircut that suits you means less styling time in the morning!

Don’t wash your hair every day

Overwashing your hair can lead to dry scalp and dry hair, so unless you really need to wash your hair daily, our advice would be to only wash it 3 to 4 times a week. Not only is this better for your hair, but it’s also one less thing to do every morning. If your hair is feeling a little lacklustre use a bottle of flat beer as a conditioner. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse off and you’ll be ready to tackle the day, and no, your hair won’t be smelling of beer.

Hand cream for frizzy hair

Since we’re on the topic of hair, here is a quick tip to keep it in check. If it’s raining cats and dogs or it’s quite humid on your way to work, your hair might just go wild. To prevent this, use a tiny amount of hand cream to tame it down. It will stay like that all day, no matter how humid it is. And if you suffer from itchy scalp or hair loss, make sure to check out these tips on what foods to eat for healthy hair.

Exfoliate your skin before shaving

It’s important to cleanse your skin before shaving to get a smoother, closer feel. Use a scrub that contains natural ingredients and not microbeads. It will clean your skin and lift your hair to prevent any razor burn and ensure your shave is as quick as possible. To save even a few extra seconds, use your scrub in the shower and shave right after – thanks to the steam, your skin will be ready for the razor!


Do you have any cool grooming hacks that ensure your mornings run as smooth as possible? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.