A Guide to Exercise for the Busy Man

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Long term lifestyle change stems from the little things. Exercise is a long term relationship which usually involves lots of break ups. Our lack of time (or inability to make time) is usually the main reason we don’t consistently exercise. The trick is to focus on small, incremental changes. So we teamed up with WeGym to share a really practical approach to answering the big question: how do you make time for fitness when you’re really busy? Here are our top tips on how you can stay on top of your workout regime even if you have zero to little time available.

Keep it real

It’s important to remain realistic. If you’ve got a really important project or your business simply needs a ridiculous amount of attention then maybe you should reassess your fitness goals. There’s no need to be fixated on training a 6 times per week. Maybe one session a week is all you’re able to do for now, and that’s already a great start.

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Yes, once a week!

You can start with exercising once a week and do that for a month. This is simply about building up momentum and celebrating the baby steps. Then start exercising twice a week for two or three month. You see where this is going…

Your one session a week starts an upward spiral. It’s a micro step. And like any good spiral, you’ll naturally perform actions related with the action whether positive or negative. It’s a drop in the iceberg and simply the start of a wider set of steps to help you on the journey- but the more micro steps you can take, the more conscious and motivated you’ll become.

Social Time equals Fitness

Agreeing to workout with a friend is a really powerful motivating factor. The thought of letting your buddy down usually gives us the push we need to follow through. You can also encourage yourself by scheduling to have coffee or food afterwards so it’s an easy way to catch-up and have a good time. Accountability is a game changer so stop going at it alone.

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Never Miss a Workout

Pretend, just for a second, that your workouts are really important meetings with yourself. You wouldn’t bail on a work meeting, on a date or friends, so why do it to yourself? Start putting your workouts in your diary and treat them with the same seriousness as if your boss arranged a meeting to discuss your next pay rise. That way you’re more likely to stick to them.

Workout on the weekend

Weekdays workouts are a blessing and a curse. They’re great for starting the week feeling fresh and full of energy but are often hard to consistently make happen. The weekend is a massive overlooked opportunity to get a workout in as you have 48 hours to yourself typically uninterrupted by your a-typical schedule!

Ask for help

Sometimes the biggest barrier is simply motivating yourself. Committing to a personal trainer and paying them to motivate, support, teach and guide you through your health journey is a fail proof solution to solving your motivation problems.

Have the right mindset

Working out shouldn’t be a punishment for eating ‘ badly ‘ or going too hard on a night out. Working out is all about so-called me time – it’s an opportunity for you to invest in yourself and take positive action towards feeling happier, more confident and even growing as an individual.

Those are our top tips for establishing a workout regime even for the busiest of men. Do you have any other tips? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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