Manual vs Electric Toothbrushes

We’ve all got those questions that keep us up at night. Who would win in a fight between an astronaut and a caveman? Will the cast of Friends ever give in and do a reunion episode? Am I better cleaning my teeth with a manual toothbrush or an electric one? Luckily for you, we at Cornerstone have the answer to one of those questions – and it’s not the Friends one, sorry.

What About Manual?

Let’s go back to basics first off and talk for a moment about manual toothbrushes. For many years people have used these kinds of brushes to care for and maintain healthy teeth – they’ve done a pretty good job thus far. People really enjoy the fact that they can control the speed with a manual brush as well as taking extra care on certain, perhaps more sensitive areas, of your mouth. It can also be really handy that they are ready to go when you are with no need to recharge before using however they are not without their issues when it comes to caring for your teeth.

One big issue that can arise from using a manual brush is the amount of pressure by the user. For people wanting to feel like their teeth have had a deep clean, they may put on extra pressure which can damage gums and cause irritation. Another thought is the amount of the tooth your manual brush is actually cleaning. Using a manual brush can mean you are missing key areas in between your teeth or in hard to reach places such as the back of your teeth. This is where an electric toothbrush comes to the rescue.

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Electric To Save The Day?

According to tests done by the Oral Health Foundation, they found that electric toothbrushes can clean up to 25% more plaque from your teeth than a manual one. This is due to electric toothbrushes being able to rotate extremely fast which means they can remove more plaque and bacteria than a regular manual brush. The speedy whirring motion gives a better clean than directing the bristles yourself.

Another problem that people can have when using manual toothbrush is the length of time they do this for. The optimum time to brush your teeth for is two minutes but this can be hard to gauge yourself. Less than 2 minutes could mean a less thorough clean or over this time could be damaging to your teeth and gums. A nifty feature a lot of electric toothbrushes have is a timer so you’re brushing for the perfect amount of time.

So there you go, it looks like the electric toothbrush has come out on top. That’s why we have developed our own electric toothbrush heads so our members get that extra fresh feeling in the morning. Our round-ended nylon bristles make for a thorough and effective clean which is gentle on the gums and the enamel. Pair it with our new peroxide-free whitening toothpaste as well as our minty mouthwash and floss tape afterwards for a winning combination – you won’t be able to stop showing off those pearly whites.

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