Rise & Shine With Our New Dental Products!

Developed by expert manufacturers in Ireland and Germany, tested by hundreds of Cornerstone members and accredited by the Oral Health Foundation. Here are our new and exclusive Dental Care products.

Gentle Whitening Toothpaste

An enamel strengthening and anti-plaque formula to give whiter, stronger and healthier teeth. Rich in fluoride to help re-mineralise your enamel and protect against acid erosion, our low-abrasion toothpaste helps gently restore the natural whiteness of your teeth without peroxides (which can cause tooth sensitivity).

Deep-Clean Toothbrush Heads

Compatible with most Oral B electric toothbrushes, our toothbrush heads are designed for a deep and effective clean to remove stains and plaque – protecting your teeth from both cavities and decay. With soft, round-ended bristles, our toothbrush heads help protect your enamel and gums from damage during brushing, to leave your mouth feeling healthy and clean each morning.

Daily Fresh Mint Mouthwash

Blended with icy peppermint for fresher breath, this fluoride-rich, alcohol-free formula provides anti-cavity and anti-plaque benefits as well as re-mineralising your enamel – helping to protect areas of your mouth that are hard to reach with brushing.

Gentle Daily Floss Tape

Flossing removes plaque and food debris from the 40% of your teeth’s surface area that brushing cannot easily reach, helping to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Our minty tape is coated with a soft layer of Teflon-like PTFE which allows it to comfortably glide between your teeth, making it simple and easy to use each day.

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