The Best Gifts For Father’s Day!

Landmark days of the year come along so quickly. The next big one is Father’s Day. If you’re currently wondering what to get your old man, fear not! We have put together a list of the perfect presents to get him. Anyone of these will keep him sweet for when you next call for some ‘Dadvice’.

1) Cornerstone Gift Set

We personally think this is the best one for your dad – introduce him to the best shave he’s ever had. With our gift set, he’ll get everything he needs for a perfect shave – super sharp blades, shave gel and pre and post-shave treatments. Not to mention a complimentary, personalised handle – if he taught you to shave, it’s time to repay the favour! Check it out here: Cornerstone Gift Set – Make sure you order before Tuesday 12th June for guaranteed delivery!

2) Wireless Headphones

Sick of your dad playing U2’s greatest hits? Why not treat both of you by getting buying him a set of wireless headphones. They connect straight to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth for wherever you please. If he wakes up to a pair of these he’ll definitely be singing your praises!

3) A Ride Beeline

Is your dad more of the outdoorsy type? Our friends over at Ride Beeline could be the way to go. This nifty gadget attaches to your bike and navigates you to where you need to be using an arrow and Google Maps. So simple he won’t even need you to set it up for him.

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4) Nest Security Cameras

If your dad like the think of himself as king of the castle, then Nest security cameras are the gift for him. The live feeds help you keep an eye on your property and the app keeps you updated with security alerts. It also lets you broadcast your voice to scare off any intruders – just avoid using for pranking purposes.

5) Zappos Book

Is your dad always talking about the next big thing whilst watching Dragon’s Den? Well, get him started on his own entrepreneurial adventure with the book ‘Delivery Happiness’ by Zappos founder Tony Hsieh. With anecdotes on how he made it all happen, your dad will have all the tricks and tips he needs to get his ideas off the ground.

6) Fitbit

If your dad is getting on in his years and starting to think about his health then a Fitbit would be the ideal gift. This neat bit of tech tracks everything to do with your health: your activity, weight, exercise, food and sleep. Your dad will be able to keep on top of things and be fighting fit for years to come.

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