Top Tips To Cut Down On Sugar!

This may come as no surprise but sugar is bad for you! Sugar-related dental problems are still the most widespread cause of poor oral health and gum disease. It’s a simple fix, but do you have the willpower to see it through? By reducing the amount of sugar you have, you will drastically reduce the damage it can cause to your teeth! Obviously, we’re all guilty of straying off track, that’s why it’s important to be on top of your sugar. Today we’re giving you our top tips to help with the ever-growing addiction to sugar.

The meal of champions!

How often do you find yourself skipping breakfast and replacing it with a quick, go-to sugary snack? Having a nutritious and filling breakfast is the best way to start your day right! It’s been found that certain cereals are made up of nearly a third of sugar, shocking right? Be sure to find cereals with low to no-added sugar and not ad any yourselves. This will have a huge benefit on your dental health and overall health!

Don’t be a night owl

Being a night owl can have a detrimental effect on one’s oral health. It’s all down to your routine! People who tend to stay up late are more than likely to skip brushing before bed or having a midnight snack! This is why getting an early night can be a real positive on your overall oral health.

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Careful on the drink

We aren’t saying to give up drinking completely! However, it’s been found that alcoholic drinks account for 11% of the UK population’s daily intake of added sugar. It’s summer and we all enjoy a lovely G&T in the garden, but just be wary of the impact on your oral health and moderate the amount you drink. Useful fact, drink water alongside as this helps to wash away some of the sugar in your mouth.

Enjoy a fresh dental routine

As mentioned, feel free to have sugar. But be aware of how much you have! Along with this, have a super fresh and clean oral health routine. We recently released our own Cornerstone dental range designed alongside expert manufacturers with added input from our members. It’s worth remembering to not brush your teeth immediately after having sugar. The citrusy feel sugar leaves on your teeth and gums remain active for around 30minutes and brushing can increase the chances of tooth decay.

Measure for success!

Constant snacking can leave our mouths very unhealthy, so it’s worth keeping tabs on how much sugar you take in! When it comes to our teeth, it’s about how often you have sugar, not completely how much you have. It takes an hour for our mouths to go from active to neutral state after eating/ drinking sugar. Leave the snacking and just focus on full and healthy meals.

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