The Morning After the Night Before: Shortcuts to a Fresher Face


We’ve all been there. One too many the night before, a poor night’s sleep and waking up with the all-too-disconcerting feeling when you look at yourself in the mirror. You’re hungover, and worse still, you look it. Here are some shortcuts to a fresher face.


Your throat isn’t the only part of your body yearning for some hydration after a big night out. Your face will dry up and become red and puffy after drinking alcohol, so water seems like a good idea to minimise that.

For your face though, drinking water isn’t the best way to hydrate. A simple cloth on the face will help dull the redness and inflammation, meaning you’ll go back to looking your best quickly. Even better, using ice cubes (different from the ones in your drink the night before…) will help keep any swelling at bay.

Of course, you should drink some water too. It won’t hurt.

Tea Bags

If the ice cube hack didn’t work as well as you’d hoped, or you’ve got a little bit more time on your hands, why not treat yourself to some chamomile tea? Once you’ve steeped the bags in water, don’t throw them out. Keep them to one side, and let them cool. The old teabag-over-the-eyes trick is an old one but a good one, because it works, allowing you to look more refreshed and ready to take on the day.


You might look a little silly, but one of the best ways to reduce puffiness is to massage your face. Your number one friend aside from water is oxygen. Without getting too scientific, getting your face pumping in oxygen-filled blood is a good thing for bringing down the puffiness and redness some people associate with having one too many.

The No-Time Solution 

Aspirin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will not only help take out the redness and puffiness in your face but will also stop your head from feeling like an axe is splitting it in two.



Here are four really good shortcuts to a fresher face the morning after the night before! Have you got any go-to health hacks for when you’ve been a bit over-exuberant the night before? Let us know @Cornerstone_HQ

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