The Rise of Podcasts


Podcasts are here to stay and the quality of the humble audio show is now better than ever. With some 200,000 shows to choose from, how do you decide which ones to download for the long flight when you set off on your summer holidays or which series to keep you sane on your morning commute?

We’ve pulled together three of our top picks to tune into now:

Stuff You Should Know

From arming you with completely useless (yet highly entertaining) facts that you can toss around during al fresco pub nights to imparting some serious knowledge, Chuck Bryant’s and Josh Clark’s podcast will cram your brain with all sorts of stuff they think you should know each week. It’s light-hearted and humorous, but you’ll come away having learnt how landfills and ocean currents work, that Woody Harrelson’s dad was a Mafia hitman, what road rage is all about and the history of sushi.

The Bugle

Lighten up in the summer months with some bi-continental classic comedy from double-act John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman. Edging up to their 10-year anniversary next year, they’re seasoned podcasters who have their show down to an art. The Bugle, being something of an institution in the Podcast world, is a failsafe place for your satirical news fix. Combining Oliver’s biting sarcasm and Zaltzman’s British sensibilities, the duo bash on about current events. Even the titles like “Gaining my Religion” and “Insane in the Ukraine” are amusing.

The Art of Manliness

With the goal of “helping men to become better men”, Brett McKay – the founder of the popular blog of the same name – serves up a thought-provoking podcast for the curious-minded man. Bringing in a wide variety of expert voices from powerlifters to best-selling authors to filmmakers means there’s no manly topic out of reach. With around 200 episodes ready to dive into, you’ll hear about a wide variety of subjects like leadership skills, finances, parenting (specifically for men), depression, sports and photographing war, among many others.

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