Cornerstone’s Shave Gel vs Shave Cream


You’ve probably seen that we’ve recently launched our brand new shave cream. So, you might be wondering which one you should invest in – our new shave cream or our existing shave gel. The quick answer is that both will get the job done; they guarantee your razor effortlessly glides over your skin providing you with a smooth and comfortable shave, all the whilst avoiding razor burn. Both are also free of parabens, vegan-friendly and come in BPA-safe containers. The debate boils down to personal preference over which texture you like the most. Here’s a breakdown of both skincare products to help you decide should you need some guidance.

Shave gel

Both products are great for sensitive skin, but we specifically formulated our shave gel to prevent razor burn and irritation. As a gel, it won’t lather up- it is a clear thick gel formula that is very lubricating and hydrates your skin whilst shaving.  The advantage of its transparency is that you will know exactly where your blades are going and whether you’ve missed a spot or two.

It contains eucalyptus oil for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, the ginger extract helps calm any potential skin irritation and avoid infections if you cut yourself.

Shave cream

If on the other hand, you prefer a little lather, then our shave cream is perfect for you. There’s no need for a shaving brush, as unlike traditional soap, our cream foams well with just water. The good news is that, like the shave gel, our shave cream doesn’t contain soap, so it won’t dry your skin. It just provides the right amount of lather for a smooth, comfortable shave.

The combination of willow bark and bamboo extract help to condition and protect your skin against shaving irritation.

Which one do you prefer and include in your shave plan? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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