The TOP Foods That Stain YOUR Teeth!


Everything we eat and drink every single day has some effect on the colour of our smile, and certain foods can discolour or stain our teeth quite dramatically. So, to help your teeth maintain their healthy natural tone, the Oral Health Foundation has put together a handy guide of things to try and avoid:


The most common culprit of tooth staining as they are highly consumed. Tea and coffee contain tannins which cause tooth stains, and when sipped throughout the day can be a constant problem. There is some anecdotal evidence that upping the milk content can help to counteract the staining.


The nation’s favourite foods usually contain intense and strong colours. If you have spilt some on your clothes while eating and then failed to get the stain out, then you will not be surprised that it can also stain your teeth.


It’s a classic addition to any good stir-fry, but the dark colouring of soy may linger on your teeth long after your meal’s finished.


Tannins are again to blame for staining from red wine, which can cause unsightly maroon tinged teeth. Wine is also high in natural sugar and acids which can also cause tooth decay and erosion.


Tomatoes are the culprit here. Although packed full of vitamins and nutrients the pigment which gives them their beautiful red colour can also discolour teeth when processed into sauces.

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Cola drinks have strong colours and can discolour your teeth. Sugary soft drinks are the leading cause of tooth decay, and even diet ones are often highly acidic, and the bubbles can cause erosion. Soft drinks are the worst food or drink for your teeth.


Beetroot is packed full of vitamins and minerals, and there have been claims about its health benefits. But if you’ve ever handled beetroot, you’ll know just how much it can stain.


Strictly speaking not a food or drink, but smoking can severely stain your teeth very quickly due to the high levels of tar and nicotine. Obviously it’s better to smoke less, however, you could follow our steps to a killer smile by reading this article now.


Citrus fruits (and other acidic foods and drinks) erode the enamel, uncovering the yellowish dentine underneath. If you notice yellowing of your teeth and suffer from sensitivity, it is essential that you see a dentist straight away to get it checked.


Much like tomatoes, berries are packed full of things that are good for you, but they also contain powerful pigments which can cause staining. Best to have a great oral health routine comprising of a quality mouthwash, floss and whitening toothpaste!

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