Train and Eat Like Thor For a Week

As the chilly, gloomy nights start to sink in, it can be so easy for your good eating & exercising habits to fall by the wayside. To help, you need something, or someone, to inspire you through the darkness. A beacon of hope in a challenging world. An icon of strength, endurance & compassion. A superhuman entity. A god. A… hammer enthusiast.


Who is Thor?

Only the Asgardian God of Thunder! Created by Stan Lee and co at Marvel, Thor is inspired by the Norse deity of the same name. His powers include, but are not limited to super-strength, super-speed, force-fields, weather control and teleportation!

Okay, so unless you’re hiding some incredible secrets, you’re probably not going to be able to emulate the REAL Thor. However, you can eat and train like Chris Hemsworth, who portrayed him in recent films, and that’s basically the same thing!

The Workout

Training to become a god is hard work, and even Thor himself needed a little help! Chris Hemsworth brought in Michael Knight, director of the personal trainers, ‘Art of Strength’. He describes how Chris’s regime is split into two key parts.

“The first was a bodybuilder-type protocol focused on high-weight, low-rep moves designed to pack on maximum size, while the second was total-body circuits designed to shift his excess fat while maintaining muscle.”

So, if you want to emulate his workout, you’ll need to split your workout into two key areas. The first should focus on muscle-building, so you’ll want to do low-rep, high weight sets for all of your main muscle groups.

The second is all about stripping away your fat, and functionally maintaining the newly built muscle – think classic strongman circuits! Short, high-intensity bursts of kettlebell swings, log presses and tyre flips, with some snatches and Turkish get-ups thrown in for good measure.

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The Diet

For your diet, you’re going to have to swap your dirty carbs for clean ones – that means no more crisps and chip shop takeaways, and lots of brown rice and sweet potato. You also need to get your protein in, drink lots of water, and cut out those midweek beers!

It’s important to get all your vitamins and minerals in too, so include lots of vegetables, snack on fruit, and supplement your diet to ensure you’re getting everything you need. Our daily multi-vitamins can help with that!

Don’t forget that you’ll need to consume far more calories than usual too – a calorie-counting app can help you calculate what you need to offset this thunderous regime.

Rest, Re-fuel, Admire!

Phew! Becoming Thor sounds intense, and admittedly, you’re not going to be teleporting or controlling thunder storms any time soon. However, hitting the gym early each morning, hitting those key workout areas and sticking to your diet can get you well on the way to feeling like you have superpowers. By the end of the week, you’ll have earned that beer!

As the late, great, Stan Lee would say – Excelsior!

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