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Leaving early in the morning for work can be a challenge for some of us. Between having to shower, shave, have breakfast and commute to work, there are too many things to do every morning. To speed up your morning routine, we recently spoke about our top grooming hacks, but if you could use a few style hacks to ensure you look on point effortlessly, read on.

Learn how to roll your sleeves

Learn the proper way to roll your sleeves, to make sure they don’t end up being a mess. A quick google search will offer you a wide range of different ‘rolls’ you can try, but here’s the basic one. Unbutton the shirt cuff and gauntlet buttons. Flip the cuff back and fold it to just below your elbow. Then take the bottom (inside-out portion) and fold it up so it traps and covers the bottom cuff. If you have a big day ahead of you of extraneous activities, make sure you keep rolling past your elbows. And there you go, the perfect, basic roll ready in less than a minute.

Fold, don’t hang your sweater

Sweaters made of cotton are easily stretched, losing their original fit. To ensure they last longer with that suiting fit, you should fold yours instead of hanging them. Your sweaters will last longer and will fit you better. As an extra style hack, air-dry your clothes as they will stay in shape and look nicer for longer than if you were to use the dryer. It will also mean your favourite shirt doesn’t shrink, so picking what to wear every morning should be an easy task.

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Interchange your two favourite pairs of shoes

Whenever you find a pair of shoes that you like and also fit well, you don’t ever want to take them off. We understand the feeling. But your shoes need breathing so give them a rest. Find another pair that suits you well and alternate between the two. This style hack will ensure both pairs last much longer and don’t get worn off. To make them last even longer with a sturdy shape, use shoe trees – even if it seems too old-schooled.

Deodorize your ankles

If you’re trying out a new pair of shoes you can probably foresee nasty blisters, especially if not wearing socks. To avoid them, rub some deodorant on your ankles. It will restore your skin’s moisture so your new favourite pair of shoes don’t become your worst nightmare. They will also take care of some smelly socks as it prevents sticky sweat.

Do you have any other style hacks of your own? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram.

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