Summer Grooming Tips

Cornerstone's top summer grooming tips

The hot season is here and with it comes humidity, heat and sweat, which can all have a big impact on your skin and body. Finding the right products for a grooming routine that will ensure you look your best, even when the heat becomes a tad too much, is essential. Here’s how to reshuffle your cabinet, upgrade to sun- protecting products and take care of your hair to look fresh all summer long.

Cleanse Your Skin

First things first, cleanse your skin every morning and night. With the increase in temperatures it’s likely that you will sweat more and the accumulation of dirt and oil can take a toll on your skin by clogging your pores and causing acne. A mild cleanser will prevent spots and nasty outbreaks.


Add this to your cleansing routine to slough away any dead skin cells and unblock your pores. Opt for a microbead-free scrub that is gentle on your skin and leaves it feeling fresh and smooth. And if you don’t shave every day, use the scrub on the same days you shave as it will lift your stubble to give you a closer shave, plus it helps to release in-grown hairs.


We cannot forget about hydration, especially during summer time. The beach, ocean, chemicals in swimming pools, and the heavy drinking linked to summer parties can all damage your skin. Use a moisturiser to ensure you are rehydrating and soothing your skin as much as possible.

Don’t skip on the sunscreen

We know you hear this every summer, but it’s very important you wear SPF to prevent painful sunburn, long-term sun damage and premature skin aging. You should aim to go for a product that is chemical-free, broad-spectrum and at least SPF15 – anything less is just not good enough to prevent you from looking like a lobster. Apply it 30 minutes before going into the sun and remember to re-apply throughout the day. If you still manage to go a little rouge, opt for an aloe-vera-rich aftersun lotion to calm and cool down your sunburnt skin.

Use a lip balm

We know that not all men think it’s important to use it, but if you feel your lips drying out, you should really go for it. Lips lack melanin so they are the area of your skin that’s the most sensitive to sun, so a lip balm that also has SPF is an instant winner


You may have been putting it off, but now is the time to restyle and upgrade your hairstyle. As the weather gets warmer you’ll want a low-maintenance style and a shorter cut. Your best bet is to go to the barbershop to ensure you get a bespoke look that suits your facial structure. To ensure your new hairstyle stays in place, opt for a matt pomade. Usually stronger than your average hair gel, a pomade will add texture to your hair without weighing it down.

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