The world’s strangest male grooming products!

Men’s grooming has flourished into a huge industry over the past decade – who doesn’t love a sharp haircut and a close shave?  Thanks to this boom, there have been countless innovations in grooming that have made life easier for men. However, there are some creations that are just downright strange – these bizarre products may have taken it a step too far.

Bacon Shaving Cream

Applying shave cream during your morning routine is a simple pleasure. There’s no beating that fresh feeling of the cream soaking into your skin and beard, ready to be smoothly cut away. Now, imagine that feeling, except your face reeks of bacon. Apparently, it even features ‘heat-activated aromatic technology’, which allows the bacon scent to stay on for hours. Unless you have a date with a pig farmer, we can’t see the appeal of this one!

Goatee Shaving Template

Do you yearn for a goatee as perfect and symmetrical as Will Smith’s? Despite this facial hairstyle being about as fashionable as flared trousers, ‘My Perfect Goatee’ decided to launch this strange device, which is essentially a stencil that you hold in your mouth. Then, you just shave around the goatee shape – voila! Suddenly you have a goatee fit for the fresh prince himself. If you ask us though, your best bet is to head to your local barber – if he doesn’t convince you to try another look, he’ll at least do a less clinical job than this!

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Pheromone Cologne

Men’s cologne is big business. From Diesel to Dior, eau de toilette has become synonymous with a man’s morning routine. However, there appear to be some men who aren’t satisfied with a designer label. Enter Pheromone Cologne – a supposedly ‘Patented blend of human pheromones’ that is ‘proven to attract women’. Gross. Alarmingly, over 8,000 people bought into this snake oil, and purchased it on Amazon!

Morninghead Cap – Bed Head Cure

Ever wake up in the morning with a head of hair that simply won’t behave? Fear not! This reusable cap is here to save the day. Simply add water to the cap, pop it on your head, massage your scalp, then style and dry your hair. Or you could, you know – have a shower?

Electric Back Shaver

Ah, the hairy back – some people love it, whilst others prefer to get rid. If you’re in the latter camp, and have a furry spine that you want to shed, then you’ll know it’s all but impossible to shave it off yourself. Behold! The ‘Mangroomer’ is here to solve your back shaving woes – or not. This product appears to be nothing more than a pair of clippers strapped to a selfie stick – it looks too clumsy to be effective, and too weird to keep in the house! Gents, get your partner to help keep your back smooth, or get a wax – anything but this!

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