Cornerstone razor and blades

Three Uses for Your Blunt Razor

We’ve said it over and over again – overusing your razor will only give you an uncomfortable shave. Even if you think you’re saving a bit of money, it’s only false economics. Blunt blades are more likely to irritate and cut your face, and you’ll have to invest in additional skincare products just to remedy […]


5 Rules For A Perfect Morning Routine

We all know about the benefits of a morning routine – and if you don’t, check out our previous blog post on why a positive morning routine can ensure you start your day right. Not only is it great for your focus and motivation, but it sets a pattern that will enable you to start your […]


The Brunch Series: Creative Toast Toppings

Lazy Sundays. Unbeatable company. Brunch is a given, but what to serve? Keep it easy, colourful and healthy with five of our favourite creative brunch toast toppings. Prepare in advance or let your guests have some fun building their own. As a base, choose your favourite bread and toast it first if you like – […]


How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to get your 5-a-day and boost your morning with a superfood kick. They may be a daunting task for some, so we’ve sat down with Dee Chauhan, in-house nutritionist and recipe developer at new subscription-based smoothie delivery company Natural Blender, to find out the tricks to creating the perfect smoothie. […]