Massage time. Go in Stressed, Leave Revitalized.

Need an excuse to get a massage? We are giving you not one, but 6 reasons why you should book your next massage when you finish reading this blog article. What’s more, we are also profiling 3 of the most popular massages from Urban Massage, an on-demand platform where you can book home-based massages. No […]

leather shoes tips and tricks

Leather Shoes; Tips & Tricks

We should all treat our leather shoes the same way we treat our skin. Leather is essentially skin after all, and as tough as it can be, it still needs good attention and routine to be well looked after and protected. However, unlike our skin which naturally self-repairs, shoes don’t – at least not in […]


Cornerstone’s Story

We’re delighted to announce that last week the Cornerstone Club has grown to over 100,000 members! Our community continues to grow quickly and we’re incredibly grateful for all your support – we wouldn’t be here without you. So to save the date, we are sharing the story of how Cornerstone came to be. We’ll take […]

shaving 101

Shaving 101

  Shaving; a time-consuming chore or one of life’s little pleasures? If you chose the former, follow us back to basics for a shaving 101 that will speed up the process and introduce a sense of indulgence to the ritual that starts your day. Not only will you feel refreshed in the morning, but it might […]

morning habits

10 Morning Habits of Successful People

Successful people seize the day from the (very early) moment they wake up. A recent poll showed 18 out of 20 executives set a 6am (or earlier) alarm on weekdays. No snooze button addicts here. Whether you prefer getting up before the sun comes out or you prefer staying in bed, your morning habits set […]


The Benefits of Bespoke Shirts

Tailored-made fashion is now on the rise, leaving behind off-the-rack shirts to embrace personalization and pieces that will last a lifetime. Menswear journalist Andrew Whitty, in partnership with Santamaria Shirtmakers and Cornerstone, understands the benefits of bespoke shirts and thinks you should too. It’s About Quality Not Quantity If the history of fashion was defined […]