A Guide to Speciality Coffee

Sophisticated caffeine fans may well have heard of speciality coffee – although may not be completely sure of what it is. To demystify it, we teamed up with Amir Gehl, founder of Difference Coffee Company, who is bringing a wealth of knowledge and the finest speciality coffees to those with a taste for the very […]

How to Recover from Jet-Lag!

Everyone loves a long haul holiday. There’s nothing better than flying off and getting away from it all, but returning home is another story. When jet lag hits you; feelings of nausea, insomnia, lethargy, and anxiety can often ravage your body for days after a trip. Luckily we’ve spoken to our friends over at Urban […]


Cornerstone Book Club

If you’re looking for a good read that will leave you nose-in-book, look no further. Whilst the list could be virtually endless, the team here at Cornerstone HQ has put their heads together to bring you a selection of some classic, must-read books that are definitely worthy of adding to your reading list. 1. THE […]


5 Minutes With Danny Mac

As a popular actor and singer from Hollyoaks and Strictly Come Dancing, Danny Mac runs a full schedule with rehearsals, shows and travelling. Given his busy week, we wanted to learn a bit more about his grooming habits and how he takes care of his skin no matter where he is. What’s your morning routine […]

Daily Moisturiser vs Post-Shave Balm

You’ve had your morning shave, you’re feeling super pumped and ready for the day ahead. But there’s one thing missing, you don’t know how to finish your routine, what’s the next step? Do you hydrate your skin, use a post-shave balm, moisturise, add an essential oil? So many options to pick from but in this […]

Are you Washing your Hair Right?

It seems pretty straightforward, you think you know how to wash your own hair properly, but do you really know what you’re doing? Is your technique really getting to the heart of your roots or are you just hindering your hair care routine? Do you single or double wash? Do I or don’t I use […]