Hacks to Increase Your Productivity

With never-ending to-do lists and busy schedules, feeling energised from the early hours can be the key to enjoying a productive day. The good news is that coffee can give you the boost you need to tackle your day. Dr Owen Bain is a nutrition and performance consultant at CaféPod and has helped develop their ‘Productivity […]


Three Uses for Your Blunt Razor

We’ve said it over and over again – overusing your razor will only give you an uncomfortable shave. Even if you think you’re saving a bit of money, it’s only false economics. Blunt blades are more likely to irritate and cut your face, and you’ll have to invest in additional skincare products just to remedy […]


What you should know about in-grown hair

There are few things more annoying than in-grown hairs, especially when it seems like it’s a never ending battle. Although it seems the fairer sex has managed to find a solution to this tedious problem, we chaps are lagging behind. You may have noticed your partner using a grainy looking product, and in most cases […]


5 Rules For A Perfect Morning Routine

We all know about the benefits of a morning routine – and if you don’t, check out our previous blog post on why a positive morning routine can ensure you start your day right. Not only is it great for your focus and motivation, but it sets a pattern that will enable you to start your […]