5 Life Hacks You Can Learn From Entrepreneurs

Rise and shine, it’s another day you can make count. Whether you are working the 9 to 5, or call yourself an entrepreneur, you can adopt small changes over time to create the ultimate productive daily routine. You’ll find that successful entrepreneurs have a couple of correlations of which they swear by. Here are the […]


The Art of Bespoke Fashion

Bespoke fashion is on the rise – and it’s no surprise why. Whilst it’s great to take advantage of the lower cost of off-the-peg shirts, the sad truth is that the majority of us struggle to find the perfect fit. Ever tried on a shirt where the sleeves are too long but the waist fits nicely? […]


How NOT to Shave

Cutting corners can have its advantages, but the trick is to know when it works in your favour and when it just simply doesn’t. We all know that shaving against the grain is a bad idea. When it comes to shaving it’s always better to take a few extra minutes to get the job done […]

Hacks to Increase Your Productivity

With never-ending to-do lists and busy schedules, feeling energised from the early hours can be the key to enjoying a productive day. The good news is that coffee can give you the boost you need to tackle your day. Dr Owen Bain is a nutrition and performance consultant at CaféPod and has helped develop their ‘Productivity […]


Three Uses for Your Blunt Razor

We’ve said it over and over again – overusing your razor will only give you an uncomfortable shave. Even if you think you’re saving a bit of money, it’s only false economics. Blunt blades are more likely to irritate and cut your face, and you’ll have to invest in additional skincare products just to remedy […]


What you should know about in-grown hair

There are few things more annoying than in-grown hairs, especially when it seems like it’s a never ending battle. Although it seems the fairer sex has managed to find a solution to this tedious problem, we chaps are lagging behind. You may have noticed your partner using a grainy looking product, and in most cases […]