Final touch: The best post-shave products

So, your Cornerstone razor has just glided through the last of your stubble, and you’re almost ready for the day ahead. But how do you finish your routine?

Ask your friends what their go-to post-shave ointment is, and you’ll likely get several different answers. Some men like to soothe their skin with a post-shave balm, whilst others will tell you that they use a moisturiser, a touch of aftershave, or even a dab of essential oil.

There’s an abundance of post-shave options to pick from, so we’re here to help you work out the best way to leave skin silky smooth.

After shave

Traditional aftershave is something of a rough ‘n ready solution – if you’ve ever tried slapping on some liquid aftershave, you’re probably familiar with the burning sensation! Aftershave burn occurs because your skin is left damaged and more sensitive after shaving.

Traditionally, alcohol was used to give aftershave antibacterial properties. It was splashed on to the face to kill bacteria and was the genesis of many modern aftershaves. However, applying alcohol to damaged skin creates a rather painful burning sensation, and will often dry out the skin.

Nowadays, most aftershaves have switched out alcohol for other antibacterial ingredients. Although they’re not as brutal as the original alcohol-based solutions, these can still burn or sting when coming into contact with nicks and cuts, or the new layers of skin exposed after shaving. 

Although aftershave does help as an antibacterial solution, you may want to opt for something a little kinder to your skin!

Essential oil

Although normally associated with aromatherapy, essential oils are actually another option for post-shave protection. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural smell, flavor or “essence,” of their source.

Famed for their minimal list of ingredients, these oils come in a huge variety of scents, and are noted for their antibacterial properties.

However, applying an oil-based product to your face can leave things feeling a little greasy, and the scents can sometimes be a little overpowering!

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Post-shave balm

If you don’t fancy a burning aftershave or greasy essential oil, then you may prefer a specially-formulated balm. Post-shave balms are designed to cool, refresh and hydrate, reducing the irritation caused by a super-close shave. Cornerstone’s Post-Shave Balm is blended with mint and honey extracts to soothe and condition the skin, leaving it irritation-free, with a pleasant scent to boot!

Daily Moisturiser

It may seem obvious, but moisturiser is generally superior to a post-shave balm when it comes to moisturising your skin. If you shave and have dry skin issues, we would recommend using a moisturiser as part of your aftershave routine.

This is because the ingredients in a moisturiser are designed to hydrate and last longer on your skin throughout the day, whereas a post-shave balm is designed to soothe the skin quickly, and will dry up quickly.

Our very own Cornerstone Daily Moisturiser is blended with mint and aloe vera to refresh and hydrate your skin leaving it ready for any weather condition. It’s a lightweight and non-greasy daily moisturiser that is a perfect final step to your morning shaving routine.

Moisturiser vs post-shave balm

There is a common misconception when it comes to moisturiser and post-shave balm products, and it’s that many men believe they combat the same issue, when in reality, they couldn’t be more different. A moisturiser helps to avoid dry skin,whereas a post-shave balm soothes irritation after your shave.

For the best shaving routine, we’d recommend following up with a post-shave balm to combat razor bumps and irritation. Then, adding a dab of moisturiser to your face to keep that dry skin away!

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