Life hacks – that actually work!

Life hacks are incredibly popular – video lists of hacks receive millions of views on facebook and youtube, but they’re often filled with bizarre creations that no one is ever going to use. Who actually wants to make flip flops out of old yogurt pots?. We’ve scoured the internet for life hacks we think are genuinely useful:

Say things out loud to remember them

This may sound a little odd, but saying important information out loud can really help it to sink in. Particularly useful during your morning routine, for example “I have locked the back door” or “I have turned the heating off”.

Set a timer to get things done

Struggling to concentrate on a piece of work, household chore or fitness routine? Set a 45-60 minute timer, eliminate all distractions, and do as much as you can on the task in that time. You should find it easier to focus, and may even keep going once the timer is up!

Make gifting lists throughout the year

Instead of desperately trying to find gifting ideas in December, make of note of anything you see that a friend or family member might like throughout the year. The notes app on your phone is perfect for this – you’ll always have a list of ideas for Christmas and Birthdays!

Pop a quarter-full bottle of water in the freezer, horizontally

During the warmer months, just fill the bottle up with water for an instant, ice-cold drink.

Fill in the ‘To’ field of an email last

Write the body of the email and double-check it before filling in the recipient’s details – you’ll be surprised how many errors you avoid!

Move the typing cursor on your phone more accurately

On Android, slide your finger on the space bar. On an iphone, hold down anywhere on the keyboard and move in any direction. No more frustrating moments of trying to tap that exact 1mm spot between two letters!

Disable notifications on your phone to cut down on social media time

This way, you should find yourself only going there intentionally – the notifications won’t constantly drive you there.

Dry off your razor with an old towel

Then, run the blades horizontally along the grain of the towel. This will keep them dry and sharp, so they last as long as possible.

Make your own low-calorie, healthy ice cream

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! Simply blend three bananas and a pack of raspberries together, and pop the mixture in the freezer for a few hours. The result is a fresh, tasty treat with the texture of ice cream, without all those calories!

Force yourself to get out of bed

If you have a bad habit of sleeping in, try using the free Alarmy app’s barcode feature. You can set the barcode of any product as the ‘unlock’ code to switch off your morning alarm. So, if you pick something in another room, like your favourite cereal packet, you’ll need to get out of bed and scan the cereal barcode to turn off your alarm.

Put your socks on before your trousers!

You may feel (and look!) a bit silly, but your trousers won’t get caught on your toes when you put them on!

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